Photographic Services

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  Wildlife, Landscape and Nature Photography
  •   I have a passion for wildlife and natural world. I enjoy being
      in the countryside which is a healthy pursuit and get to
      take photographs of wildlife in their natural habitat as well
      as landscape's and waterscape's.

      I also photograph many other subjects including the urban
      environment, abstract and macro photography. My work
      can be viewed via the gallery menu.

  •   The photographs I take are for sale as fine art prints, to
      view my photographs use the Gallery Menu button.

  •   Soon I will be adding an online shop for the purchase of
      prints with a choice of frames, payments will be taken via
      Pay pal or cheque.

  •   I take on commissions for both private and commercial
  •   Photographs can be supplied as prints/framed and on CD.
  •   Printing services can be arranged if required for Brochures,
      Leaflets, posters etc.
  •   Fees and any printing costs are negotiated prior to the
      photo shoot and a deposit is required.


  Editing and Manipulation
  •   This service is provided for private and commercial clients
      for usage such as Marketing, Brochures, Posters,
      Web sites and Photographic Artists.
  •   Editing, manipulation, joining of various photos or using
      elements from various photos to create one image.
  •   Colouration, blending and enlargement; photos can be
      enlarged without pixelation and edge blurring.
  •   Work has been completed for photographic artist Malcolm
      D Glover (images not shown).

This image was created from seven photographs
  Photo Restoration
  •   This service is for old or worn photo's in need of editing
      and restoration.
  •   The images can be supplied to me as negatives, prints,
      slides or on CD.
  •   The cost of restoration depends on the size and
      condition of the image.
  •   The restored images are supplied to you on CD and/or


  Negative & Print Scanning plus editing up to 48 bit
  •   Professional scanning up to 48 bit colour depth
  •   Media types can be 35mm Negatives, 35mm Slides,
      Large format Negatives 12.5cm x 6cm (Hasleblad) and
      prints up to A4
  •   Media can be sent to me via post
  •   The cost depends on the amount of editing required,
      you will be quoted a price after checking the photos
      when received by me.
  •   The restored images are supplied to you on CD and/or
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